Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Murakami Chair by Rochus Jacob

Murakami Chair - Taking idea from the fact that the human body is an impressive power plant and that there are opportunities to generate energy through activities we naturally do. The result is a rocking chair that enables user to experience production and consumption of electricity in a gentle and subtle way. An abstract process becomes tangible and eventually cultivates natural awareness. Smart. Advanced nano-dynamo technology is built in to the skids of the chair and more efficient light sources such as OLED makes it possible to build a rocking chair with a reading lamp running on electricity generated from the rocking motion. The energy is stored in a battery pack during the day. The construction of the flat and bendable organic light emitting diodes allow new form factors such as the usage of the lampshade itself to be the light source. To have a drastic reduction of consumption the big challenge will be to make consuming less feels like getting more. An absolute ingenious idea for a sustainable furniture which raises awareness of consumption. Co 1st prize winner of designboom green life competition. Click here for more info.

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iyouwe.info said...

that is a nice innovation, i saw shoes that generate electric too! Nanged you for good post! Nang this to see the RM15,000++ web address! Tq!