Monday, August 6, 2007

adidas Originals BLACK&WHITE / BLACK&WERK

For all you fans of adidas Originals, designers and fashionistas who respect Theseus Chan (founder of WERK magazine and owner of the Comme de GarconGuerilla Store here in Singapore), you’ll be happy to know that Theseus willbe collaborating with adidas Originals on an art installation to debut theadidas Originals “Black & White” collection here in Singapore on 25th Aug.
The adidas Originals BLACK&WHITE BLACK&WERK installation is the second partof WERK’s evolutionary series to explore space, objects and design dogmas.
For the first collaboration, Theseus had worked with NY-based superphotographer Clang to produce “CLANG: A WHITE BOOK” in June 2007.
With adidas Originals “Black&White Black&WERK”, WERK will present 40 objectsfrom the adidas Originals Black & White collection set in an environmentthat intervenes with the adidas Originals Concept Store at Pacific Plaza.The exhibition runs from 25 August - 9 September 2007, 11am - 9.30pm.
The final WERK installation “Under the Influence” will be at the GinzaGraphic Gallery (ggg) this winter in Tokyo.

Also, one of the main products in focus for this collection will be thelimited edition Swarovski-studded all black adidas Originals Superstar 1 -Swarovski. This special Superstar gets the blink treatment with about 500black Swarovski Crystals on each side of the shoe. Singapore will haveseven pairs of this Superstar 1 - Swarovski for retail at S$799 (excludingGST) per pair.

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