Sunday, August 5, 2007

KoЯn Newest Album - Untitled

Their 8th studio album is finally out, the familiar voice, the familiar bass, the familiar eerie background music are back... with more personal stories regarding vocalist Jonathan Davis's battle with alcohol addiction, drug dependency and a near-fatal blood disease.
On the album title, Untitled, Jonathan Davis has said, "We didn't want to label this album. It has no boundaries. It has no limits and why not just let our fans call it whatever they wanna call it?"
I kind of felt that this album is quite tamed in terms of what they want to express guess that's what most rock bands will be when they get old. But the vocals of Jonathan Davis is still as impressive and overwhelming as ever, so if you're a die-hard KoЯn fan, its time to get Untitled.

1. Intro

2. Starting Over -
A song where Jonathan Davis channels all of his feelings about the battles he's overcome in the past few years: alcohol addiction, drug dependency, and a near-fatal blood disease. Billboard journalist Todd Martens comments, "The album opens with the seemingly straightforward rocker "Starting Over," but more than halfway through, the guitars drop and give way to a dreamy, psychedelic bridge, only to have the verses resurrected by gospel-inspired keys."

3. Bitch We Got a Problem -
Billboard journalist Todd Martens compares the song to "Do What They Say" as also sporting an almost dance vibe and industrial grooves.

4. Evolution -
Described by Jonathan as "addressing global climate issues." Jonathan said, "It's not political Al Gore shit. I'm just wondering, are my kids' kids going to have a place to live?" The song is also the first single from the upcoming album.

5. Hold On

6. Kiss -
One of guitarist Munky's favorite tracks on the new album. "It has piano in it, and there's a very melancholy tone to it," he describes the song. Billboard journalist Todd Martens comments the song has The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields" tones to it.

7. Do What They Say -
Billboard journalist Todd Martens comments the song "sports almost dance-y, industrial grooves."

8. Ever Be -
Munky describes the song as having "this epic ending to it — like, imagine 300 set to song. It's crazy." The song is written about ex-guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

9. Love and Luxury -
Davis again addresses the departure of ex-guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. In an interview with, Davis says, "I had to vent, it really irritated me that he's putting out this book and profiting off of talking shit about us -- the guys who gave him everything in his life and put him where he's at. If you don't want to be in the band, fine, but don't go out bad mouthing us."

10. Innocent Bystander -
Features a guitar solo performed by Munky.

11. Killing -
"It's a hard riff to play, and if you keep playing it for an hour, your arm hurts," Munky explained. "[Frontman Jonathan Davis] was in writing the song with us, so he's the one who came up with the riff — because he's not used to playing hours on end. He was kind of the second guitar player, filling in the blanks for me."

12. Hushabye -
Shaffer plays a "reverb-y" mandolin. The definition of a hushaby is a lullaby used to soothe or lull babies to sleep.
13. I Will Protect You -
Features a bagpipe intro and a very progressive middle section showcasing Bozzio's drumming.

14. Sing Sorrow

15. Overture or Obituary
Here are some pics from the album:

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