Monday, November 19, 2007

SBTG x DRS x MR.. SK AC/DC PROJECT - Electrical Storms Dunk High & AF1

SBTG - New sneaks from them this time with MR..SK/Samplekickz and DRS to release 12 pairs of AF1 and Dunk High. Not really a fan of AF1 but I dig Dunk Highs and what's more important is SBTG is a local production so here goes the support. With the concept of electrical storms, SBTG develops a brand new electrical storm patterns which he has never used on another of his other works previously. The idea is like an army with soldiers fighting a battle in an electrical storm. This is the reason behind the name AC/DC (AC Blizzard & DC Tempest). Will be out on 20th Nov 2007 check out samplekickz and kix-files for more info.

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