Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year Edison Chen!

Edison Chen (陈冠希) - Guess who's having the best Chinese New Year gift this year? No presents for the right answer because its pretty obvious if you read the Hong Kong tabloids. Who's at the top of the headlines these few days? We all know he can act, we all know he can sing and rap (还记得我吗?), now everyone in the world will remember him for sure, we also know that he is the CEO of CLOT brand that's selling like hotcakes but something not all of you innocent idol followers do know is that he's a player. Seems that karma has played back with this player who has been playing around with female celebrities, some of whom have no business with him now or have already moved on with their own lives (either married or going to get married). Play could be too soft a word to use in this case, recording down the playtime via camera would be a better word and letting it get into the wrong hands of others might sound really sad but I can only say that Edison's dumb. To make matters worse, police are trying not only to find out who are the ones behind those who distributed those playtime pictures but they are also trying to find out whether Edison fed his playmates with drugs because most of them looked zonked out having fun. In any case, I don't feel sorry for Edison and this incident could really spell the end for him and screw the rest of his life, either that or he could go to Hollywood and follow Collin Farrell's footstep and indulge in more recording fun. However, I must take my hat off to the person who released the photos, heard he has named himself Kira - wow hope he has the deathnote with him or something. He has directly exposed to us the ugly lifestyles of celebrities and you thought that only Americans would do such dumb stuff but now you have an even dumber Asian who has hundreds or probably thousands of his playtime pics all over the internet. Kudos to Kira and may he never be caught. If you have seen Edison's video on youtube begging people to stop viewing and downloading the pics and saying sorry to those victims, I would rather he pledge that he would stop playing around with his camera and his crown jewels. If you want to ask me where to get all the shit, you just need to go to any search engine on the net and search for Edison Chen. Its that simple. Its time to wake up people and see what exactly those stars are really doing behind those technicolour backgrounds.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love that! :)

Anonymous said...

happy new year edison .... hoho