Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WIRED x SILAS - 10th Anniversary Watch

WIRED - Towards the end of this month, timepiece label WIRED will release a limited edition watch to commemorate Japanese clothing label SILAS' 10th anniversary. Model AGHH710 will be set on a burnish brown leather bangal in crocodile skin pattern. 11 genuine Swarvoski crystals, 10 black crystals (to mark the label's 10 years) and 1 white, are set of the left of corners of its bezels. The watch also comes in a handsome case with the same crocodile skin pattern. Like all other WIRED timepieces, this watch will feature 2 technical advancements WIRED is known for. First, the face of the watch is dotted with miniature solar panels, which constantly charges the battery, no matter the source of the light. This ensure the user to rarely change the battery of the watch. Second, the watch synchronize with Japan’s atomic clock, via 2 low frequency radio towers, on a daily basis. This not only ensure the accuracy of the time (an accuracy of 1/100th of a second). It also ensure the user never have to adjust the time. In addition, the watch incorporate a large LCD, allow dual time displays of 32 major international cities, and is water resistant up to 100 meters (~300 feet). Only 300 pieces will be available across some selected locations in Japan but you can pre-order them at FIEL now. Looks like something you can find from FOSSIL but the crystals make it look extraordinary and showstopping on your wrist.

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