Sunday, March 9, 2008


21 - The advent of adulthood. My existence on this planet has finally struck blackjack and I guess I chose the weirdest way to celebrate it. The quiet and hermit way to be exact. No gifts and no fanciful parties that most of my peers indulge it. Alrite my relatives did forcefully stuff red packets into my hands and before I could reject them, they took off. I got pals who wanted to treat me to something good for the stomach but I rejected them because like I've said I just want to be alone and quiet for this day.
To be honest, I kind of dreaded this day because I don't really understand the hype of 21st Birthday. 21 is just a number and nobody put a regulation that 21 stands for an official age of being an adult except for those government sectors' obligations that you have to be of legal age to do certain things and it seems after 21 you can do almost anything except of course taking out your CPF money. I guess being an adult, you can probably go watch R21 movies with those Uncles at Princess or sign up for a credit card and end up with a huge debt or create an account to play shares and burn your fingers. Hm... ok with the Internet being all so mighty now and downloads so easily accessible, I guess you don't really need to go Princess to watch R21 movies. I'm kind of doing well with debit cards and my POSB ATM card. Shares are interesting but at the moment I rather invest my money in other things than deposit them in something in which the meter keeps reading a downward drive.
Generally speaking, I don't really like to celebrate birthdays. I mean ok you get the gifts and the treats but its like everyone's treating you like a King on that day. It feels so unreal and fake. Everyone around you is like wearing a mask, doing a masquerade in front of you. I rather people treat me the same everyday and keep it real and cool. Well wishes are nice and very welcomed but hey man if you want to give a present, I think its better to give something that the person really needs rather than giving him something which will just be another birthday present and end up in the storeroom for the next couple of years. Cut it short, if you are giving presents for the sake of giving, I think you should just forget it and invest in well wishes instead. Birthday cakes are kind of fattening haha and the blowing of candles and cutting of cakes are so ritual that you can make a guidebook on "How to celebrate birthdays."
To me being 21 is like a time for you to know what's your role in this world and I would like to spend the day to reflect and recollect and hopefully find that answer to life. Really glad that I found some positives from my television that Chelsea and Man United were knocked out from the FA Cup and Houston Rockets got their 18th consecutive victory. I once heard from a friend who had attended a lot of 21st Birthday this year and he told me he was so stoked with the presents which the birthday boy or girl would get such that he's going to have a birthday bash for himself on his 21st so that he can get those lavish gifts he so much desired. Haha I was like ok... all the best on your 21st then haha. I hope this post is not too emo or depressing and I'm certainly not asking anyone to follow my footsteps but this is how I feel that's all and my birthday wish is so simple yet so hard to get - to be quiet and alone.

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