Monday, March 10, 2008

Colbie Caillat's Coco

Coco - This review is long overdue. Have been listening to Colbie Caillat a lot recently, just like OneRepublic, she's famous after releasing her hit single "Bubbly" through MySpace which led her to become the number one unsigned singer in her genre for four months. Her songs have a feel-good effect after listening to them, be it when you are feeling down in the dumbs or when you need a wake up call, this is something you can rely on. If you like Jack Johnson, you will definitely dig her music because they are rather similar. I hope they could do a duet one day haha. Another indulgence is to listen to her music while you're on the beach or sun-tanning, its quite therapeutic.

1. Oxygen
2. The Little Things
3. One Fine Wire
4. Bubbly
5. Feelings Show
6. Midnight Bottle
7. Realize
8. Battle
9. Tailor Made
10. Magic
11. Tied Down
12. Capri
13. Older
14. Dreams Collide
15. Circles
16. Anything at All

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