Thursday, March 20, 2008

Utada Hikaru's HEART STATION

HEART STATION - Ladies and gentlemen, she's probably the best selling female jap singer around that I guess even Ayumi or Koda cannot come close and she's currently only 25 this year. This is her current 7th album and god knows how many times she has topped the charts with her singles or albums. Well after listening to this album, I felt its a much better effort compared to her Ultra Blue album. The tracks were cohesive as a whole and overall it sounded comforting with those beats at the back. If you've always listen to Utada's music or love anime, manga or video games, I guess this album would really work for you though I would really appreciate it if she could come out with something similar to "First Love". That would really top my playlist for a very long time haha.

01. Fight The Blues
03. Beautiful World
04. Flavor of Life (Ballad Version)
05. Stay Gold
06. Kiss & Cry
07. Gentle Beast Interlude
08. Celebrate
09. Prisoner of Love
10. テイク 5 (Take 5)
11. ぼくはくま (I'm a Bear)
12. 虹色バス (Rainbow Coloured Bus)
13. Flavor of Life

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