Saturday, March 1, 2008

@ WORK 6: Last Day

Last Day of Work - Finally the jury is out and I'm out of Singtel, no more picking up calls and staring at the monitor to wait for calls to come in. Although customer service is not my cup of tea, this job has given me a lot of exposure to the outside world. Working is not just about earning that rice bowl to foot the monthly bills but also a way of life. Dealing with colleagues (if you have almost 80% female superiors above you) and customers (if you are in the customer service industry) requires a lot of skill and patience especially if you have politics added into the mix. And I thought SAF was bad enough haha. Well it was truly one hell of an experience for me to do this job and though I would moan and groan at times while I was still working, I didn't regret taking up the challenge but I guess the time has come to leave this job as it has become too mundane and draggy. Furthermore, I would also like to try out other stuff before I enter University so its no longer hello Singtel but goodbye Singtel. *PS I was released early from my contract with my job agency and I didn't pay any penalty.

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