Sunday, May 11, 2008

KPMG's Mafia Night

Mafia Night - Went to St James Power Station on Friday night for KPMG's Mafia Night. Quite lucky that it was my first week of work and I got to attend the company's function (actually thought have to crash the party because apparently need to register to enter but the reliable temp pass was enough to gain entry). Free food and drinks (alcohol was included) till around 10pm. Hosted by Ego Man Glenn Ong, the night was saved thanks to his antics and appeal I guess. Games like beer drinking, best dressed mafia and the ultimate lap dance done by the staffs in front of their boss were some of the highlights that sent the crowd wild. Definitely an eye opener for me because I've never attended a company function before and it was really cool for the whole entire Power House to be booked for the event with food and drinks (Tiger Beer, Vodka, Bourbon and Tequila). So this is how the CBD peeps wind down after days of staring in front of the computer monitor haha. I left after Glenn Ong ended his segment and the crowd began to shake the dance floor because I had to catch the last train. Sorry for the poor resolution of the pictures because it was taken with my 2 mega-pixel camera phone.

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