Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lunch - 客家擂茶饭/ Thunder Tea Rice

Lunch - This is what I had for lunch on Tuesday. Looks pretty wholesome and healthy. Had always heard about this Hakka delight through the media but never able to try it so when I found out that there was a branch at Lau Pa Sat, I knew I had to give it a try. It pays to be healthy as this dish claims to have detoxification effects (look at the amount of greens haha) and it set me back for SGD $5.50 for the whole set meal which includes the brown rice with mixed greens, a plate of omelette and Hakka tofu and a bowl of green tea. It was actually mentioned to pour the entire bowl of green tea into the rice mixture but I would advise you to try out the taste of the green tea first before wasting the $5.50 haha. The rice mixture actually tasted very good on its own so for the green tea, unless you are a real Hakka or you like things different and prefer to be adventurous, you might want to just take a sip or two and leave it as it is. The reason being it tasted like toothpaste or some bitter drug for me but on the whole the meal was really good and filling due to the fact that the rice mixture packed a good punch to last you till dinner. So if you have not tried this unique dish, get out there and try it or check out more info on thunder tea rice here.

Lau Pa Sat Branch18 Raffles Quay #01-12
Time: 0800 - 2200

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