Tuesday, June 10, 2008


ADIDAS - Inconjunction with Chinatown Soccer Club, a semi-organised crew of artists, photographers, skateboarders and designers who meet together for soccer, ADIDAS have created their version of the Top Sala. Accent colours of red and gold plus the insignia near heel, team logo and 2 interchangeable laces are added to the mix of same mesh and leather upper. The colours and designs reminded me of adidas predator soccer boot as well as a pair of adidas trainers that I currently own haha. Its a really good design for a soccer club sneaker, maybe this could kick start a new design theme for future adidas soccer club related sneakers. With regards to the name of the shoe, I'm not really sure about that as Sala sounds rather awkward for a soccer theme shoe haha. Anyway you can get one pair at Sold Out.

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