Sunday, June 8, 2008

Paper Wars

Paper Wars - Its an exhibition of the Death Machines series of paper reproductions of classic weapons systems such as AK-47, Millis Bomb, MP5, Oerlikon 35mm and UZI. Talk about great engineering and reliable performance. Such weapons were icons of destruction, war and dominance made visible through the media or our naked eye, imagine the shivers some would have if they come across such weapons again especially if they've been through war before. The interesting part of this exhibition is that all these weapons of mass destruction are made of paper and please check out the details and colours injected into them, totally amazing. The whole idea is rather ironic that paper is used to show that these weapons are just mere paper craft products now and totally harmless unless you get a paper cut out of making one of them haha. Time to start a paper war! More info on the exhibition and the designers can be found here.

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