Tuesday, July 15, 2008

刮目相看/gary 曹格 ''Welcome to my World'' asia live tour 2008 singapore

Welcome to my World - Really this is his time and world now after he won Best Male Singer at 金曲奖. Lucky enough to celebrate his victory in the indoor stadium and he showed us why he's really the one to pick up the coveted award. Went with HQ, HY, Leonard and his boo to witness the voice which everyone yearns to have (at least when you're singing KTV haha). Wasn't impressed with his outfits and stage antics though (he tried really hard to be funny), but I was purely there for his voice yup. 刮目相看是有一点吧,他唱的"My Way"真的是超好听!加油!Hopefully he will go on and come out with more inspiring and heart-wrenching hits.

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