Sunday, July 27, 2008


Muerte - There has been a death in the family recently and that means a very hasty trip to Mandai Crematorium. A rather low key affair and an unexpected gathering of the family for a family member. Sad to say I didn't really interact much with that member but it was good to see the family coming together in times like this. On top of that, I was also able to check out Mandai Crematorium (definitely not a place you want to go everyday). Fortunately, the interior design adopted and technology used were pretty interesting. Very easy to read and understand. Check out the electronic board for the schedules of the day and you can see when and who. The design of the place was also very neutral so that no religion would be overlooked. Something which irked me though was probably the shortage of food outlets, only vending machines, not really good if you skipped breakfast and lunch. More info about Mandai Crematorium can be found here. So next time if you do have that rare opportunity to go there, do check out what the government has done to this rather exquisite crematorium. Seeing your loved ones off to their last journey probably hasn't been so beautiful.

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