Saturday, August 2, 2008

Punch Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug - Guess my Starbucks coffee mug has been too overused and its probably time to get myself a brand new mug. What better way to remind yourself that getting up is hard (stop touching that snooze button) and you need a strong coffee (like a good punch in the face) to get going, than getting a brass knuckle coffee mug. If you do remember those wrestling shows where the bad guys use dirty tricks to win like putting on brass knuckles, this is a very good example. Too bad its not made of brass but ceramics and please do use this mug for coffee drinking purposes only. Click here to get one.


Unknown said...

this is something unique

Anonymous said...

I know you’ve been waiting for this, after some hard work we have finally made it.

The “Punch Coffee Mug” is ready, we have two finishes available in limited edition, and every cup is signed to ensure its authenticity .The cups are available in white and silver.

You can buy it now trough my website or directly by copying the link below