Saturday, August 16, 2008

RAG 2008

RAG - Guess most people do not know what Rag is all about unless you're from National University of Singapore. Its an annual event something like a parade but its also a competition among faculties and halls. The platform in which many hours were spent on making from recyclable materials (I can only say majority here haha) is a float. Not an easy task to make one since the planning can take one whole year (luckily I was just there to help out after my orientation camp). Rag is not just about the floats but also there are dancers to complement the floats with music. From cutting cans to drilling holes to painting to last minute touch-ups, I think I have done quite a few during my stint as a floater. Cards and suppers are common things (playing Pepsi Cola 123 in the middle of the night is quite interesting too haha) if you stay overnight (Mambo music is like the ultimate Rag playlist) and I was really glad to know more interesting people during Rag. I guess its when you work with people on such a hardcore basis then will you know their true characters and personalities and that's when real friendships will be forged. Though my faculty did not win anything this time (disappointing!), I really love the camaraderie among the raggers and I believe this would definitely go a long way to our future endeavours. Next year rag again? One time is more than enough haha. Its extremely tiring!

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