Monday, September 15, 2008

ID1103: 2D Metamorphosis

2D Metamorphosis - Overall aim of this exercise is to develop an understanding of the cognitive, morphological process inherent in applying form analogies for generating design concepts. This includes an awareness of the possible metamorphoses between natural elements or existing products and new design concepts. It is important to design a product which has similar forms as another object, something key to bringing meaning to an object. On top of that, the spiritual analogy is also essential to bring out the concept so that it provokes an emotional response when one sees it. I must say it wasn't easy to come out with two suitable pairs of objects to start off with when you have picky tutors who have seen other year of students' works. In the end, I chose 3 pairs which luckily none were used by any of my peers. Baby monkey to a backpack which symbolises the monkey on your back emotion and how a mother monkey carries her baby on her back is similar to how one carries a backpack. Opium poppy bud to a briar pipe which symbolises addiction in the form of the content and the product. Both lead to addiction and death. Sewing machine to a scroll saw which has the same downward movement of the tool. Both represent the long hours spent at either machine be it the seamstress or the technician and to add a little twist, one is used often to patch things up while the other is used to cut things up. Pretty deep stuff and I enjoyed myself a lot doing this exercise not forgetting the staying over in studio to complete it as well as spending tons of hours drawing and tracing. An evolution of this exercise would be 3D Metamorphosis which would involve making foam models of the two products. Semester 2 is going to get interesting.

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