Sunday, September 21, 2008

ID1103: Wizard Towers

Gaia - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was destroyed in an unexpected magical fire and the director of the school has contacted us to help her with the new school building. Design four towers surrounding the main building and each one must represent one of the four branches of wizardry taught at the school. Use only paper and staplers, glue or tape as adhesive to construct a tower of at least 2.2m tall. After slogging out for a weekend, my group was able to come out with our tower for Hufflepuff, the house for hard workers. Gaia is the name of it and the idea was inspired by the tree analogy. Trees are like towers of the jungle and they are shelters for any organism be it good or bad just like how Hufflepuff values tolerance. The use of the tree is also used to represent the wizardry taught which is herbology. The equilateral triangles used are to represent equality among all the students (race or blood type) which ties in with the value of tolerance. The elongated structure with branches are structured like a ladder so that the students would work hard and climb the ladders to reach their destination. The bottom of the tower was constructed with brown and white paper to show the roots of the towers and a connection between the underground system in Hufflepuff and the rest of the tower. Glad that Gaia stood tall during the presentation and the tree analogy was totally awesome. More pictures of the brainstorming and building concept can be found here. J.K. Rowling ought to be proud haha.

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