Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SQY-T Apartment Building Tee

SQY-T - Refers to Shanghai Quality Yarn Tee and hails from Shanghai China. Tee label created for the individuals who yearn to freely advertise their ideas, desires and views to others. Uses designs and images of daily life, politics, economics and art as source of inspiration. Love the fact that SQY-T feels that T-shirt is the most democratic garment in the world and is worn by people from around the globe. Their latest offer of the apartment building tee is talking about the merging of our body with the urban environment we dwell in. The design of the tee is rather nostalgic with that old school touch and intricate details of the windows and air-conditioning compartments. Really dope stuff. More information about SQY-T can be found here. Click here to get the tee.

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