Wednesday, September 3, 2008


SWAROVSKI Mouse - Design competition held by Swarovski and DesignBoom with the theme of crystal vision. The winner of the lot went to Jeremy Doherty, Simon Doherty and Dareen Doherty from New Zealand with their design of the Swarovski Mouse. Designed with the feminine touch in mind, this everyday used item is for the urban lifestyle of the working woman. The Swarovski logo of a swan is used in the design for this wireless computer mouse with the neck of the swan supporting the crystal which is used as the toggle tool to scroll up and down. Very clean and sleek design with the use of just two main colours to show the femininity of the design. Love the interactivity which the user could get from the crystal as well as the shape of the mouse (talk about semantics haha). White. Ruby Crystal. Swan. Curve. Droplet. Tail Tip. Mouse. Sleek. Clean. Wireless. Mouse. Click here for more info as well as the other shortlisted entries. Pics from DesignBoom.

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