Sunday, November 30, 2008

360 by Francesco Sommacal

360 - Winner of red dot: luminary 2008 and Volvo's 2007 award for SportsDesign, 360 is a unique extreme sport item from Italian designer Francesco Sommacal. A three-way hybrid between skateboarding, in-line skating and snowboarding, the rider inserts his feet into the wheel openings and balances as though he's on a skateboard. The 360's large wheels and the enclosed feet of the rider allow tricks that is impossible for a skateboard which is flipping the wheels end over multiple times and traversing on gravel and grass. A speed control mechanism allows riders to bomb steep hills without worrying about losing control. Very innovative for an extreme sport and the design looks extremely fierce like something out of a video game machine. A possible redefinition of skateboard? You decide, click here to check out more from Francesco Sommacal.

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