Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blade of the Immortal OST

Blade of the Immortal - Have been watching this on going anime amid all the mugging and the violence in it kind of relates well to stabbing my brain with information. Love the soundtrack which is composed by Kō Ōtani (大谷幸) who did an excellent job of balancing the haunting and intense pieces together to make the entire soundtrack extremely suitable for the anime. Many of the tracks employ vocals that sound like someone wailing in the dead of the night, like a widow mourning for her husband kind of feel but they bring out another dimension when used during fight scenes in the anime, injecting more violence and fury into the mix. Somehow, there's an additional sophistication in the anime with the soundtrack, something which would be severely lacking if you just read the manga. One heck of fusion music I must say and do check it out for a different audio experience.

01. 諸行有常
02. 赤いウサギ/ 枕草子
03. 罪人罷り通る
04. 凛
05. 旅路
06. 肌絵
07. 煉獄
08. 八百八町
09. 針痛
10. 毒と臓腑
11. 廓哀愁
12. 心的外傷-美学
13. 大儀
14. 狂い咲き遊郭ロード
15. 君はパンキーモンキーBABY!
16. 急転
17. 三途の風
18. 血仙蟲
19. 対峙
20. 剃刀スネーク
21. 敗走
22. 惨殺デリート
23. 目と嘴
24. 無限死闘
25. 夜明け

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