Thursday, November 20, 2008

Galileo ガリレオ

Galileo - Based on the name itself, its rather obvious that this series was inspired by "the father of modern physics", Galileo Galilei. The story is mystery based where a hot-blooded rookie female police investigator (Kou Shibasaki 柴咲コウ) seeks the help of an associate professor (Masaharu Fukuyama 福山雅治) at Teito University who is interested in nothing but physical science (and boy is he good at it!). Together, the odd pair solves many unique and seemingly impossible crimes with their individual talents. Just finished watching the series and special episode and I just can't wait to catch the movie. The whole idea of putting a physics lecturer into such a plot is pretty awesome probably due to the fact there are no superhuman power involved and that the solutions are being tested out in scientific experiments. This physicist professor is one kick ass professor who solves cases with plenty of funny and inspiring antics and taglines (you have to watch the series to see it for yourself). Add the labcoat, spectacles and tall built and you get the perfect crime investigator. The film is also filmed in a classic way whereby whenever Fukuyama does his signature stance, you would know that he has finally solved the case using science and logic. Brilliant show, one of the best Fukuyama's drama shows since 美女か野獣 with Matsushima Nanako. Educational too if you ask me, solving physics questions has never been so addictive for me and always remember to observe your surroundings carefully to learn more. More info about the series can be found here.

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