Sunday, January 11, 2009

Razer Mamba

Razor Mamba - Talk about form for a gaming mouse. You put the profile of a Black Mamba into a gaming mouse which is literally like a shape of a mouse and you get a kick ass gaming mouse. Dig the curves at the front, the colour used and how you can prey on your enemies virtually with this killer mouse. The concept of predator and prey mix together is really cool. Features a 2.4GHz "gaming grade" wireless technology, an optional, detachable cord, first-in-class polling rates of 1 millisecond and a world's fastest 5600DPI Precision 3.5G laser sensor which allows gamers to move with lightning speed and precision to easily escape from becoming prey. Its just a matter of seconds when you become either the prey or the predator. Awesome mouse! Click here for more info.

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Weide said...

Wow, this mouse is so cool. Just nice that my mouse spoilt, getting one soon. My Blog