Sunday, February 22, 2009


Intermezzo - It is the advent of the mid term break. An interlude of a packed semester. Lots of things on my mind for my upcoming assignments. Not really a breather you might say but I guess this is something which one should get used to if you are in a design course. The break came at the right time after all the stayovers in studio and its a graceful period for those who have been lagging behind. Enjoyed how my critique has turned out so far and kind of disappointed with some people's presentation. The potential is there but the lack of research and vocabulary really downplayed their game. Never see how last minute work can produce miracles unless there had been sufficient research and planning at the beginning to back up the dreading deadline. I guess there are still people around who do not know why they are in a design course, be it Industrial Design or Architecture. Its not just a certified paper or degree, its a career fuelled by passion. I don't believe that design is an innate thing because it can be developed as you move on but you have to make it happen and not wait for it to struck you. Well for those who are still unsure, I think its time to wake up and make the right choice before you sink even deeper till you start to regret. Design or drop, make your choice.

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