Saturday, August 8, 2009


Mushishi - Finally finish all 26 episodes of Mushishi. Extremely glad that I managed to find this gem of an anime. The story features ubiquitous creatures called Mushi that often display supernatural powers. Mushi are described as beings in touch with the essence of life, far more basic and pure than the grotesque creatures we are accustomed to. Due to their ephemeral nature most humans are incapable of perceiving Mushi and are oblivious to their existence, but there are a few who possess the ability to see and interact with Mushi. The Mushi depicted in the anime look very similar to floaters. One such person is Ginko, the main character of the series. He employs himself as a Mushi master, travelling from place to place to research Mushi and aid people suffering from problems caused by them. The series is an episodic anthology in which the only common elements among episodes are Ginko and the various types of Mushi. There is no over-arching plot line in the series. The manga was awarded an Excellence Prize at the 7th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2003 and Kodansha Manga Award in 2006. The anime won grand prizes at the Tokyo Anime Award in 2006. Loved how the theme of the essence of life is heavily threaded in the series and understood that humans and nature require a sense of balance and harmony. Very enlightening.

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Yatz said...

i must say it's among my top 3 favourite anime, if not the best among all..