Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School's Starting (Year 2 Semester 1)

11/08/09 - No more freshie, noobie or year 1 tag. Into his second year and 18htn got juniors to terrorise haha. Industrial Design will still the main dish (no other course fits the picture) and this time Year 2 Semester 1 consists of modules: GEM2005, ID2103, ID2111, ID2122 & ID2321. Last semester was a blast and 18htn intends to keep it that way. Found his design philosophy during the break and is going to keep exploring it. New goals to fulfil and 18htn is going to be harder, better and faster this time. A design a day keeps the doctor away. Stay tuned...

(*PS: get a cup of coffee or something to freshen up with before critique because you want to look like a winner before the war starts)

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