Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Synopsis - Max, a rambunctious and sensitive boy feels misunderstood at home and escapes to where the Wild Things are. He lands on an island where he meets mysterious and strange creatures whose emotions are as wild and unpredictable as their actions. The Wild Things desperately long for a leader to guide them, just as Max longs for a kingdom to rule. When Max is crowned king, he promises to create a place where everyone will be happy. Max soon finds, though, that ruling his kingdom is not so easy and his relationships there prove to be more complicated than he originally thought.

Review - Not your average kid's film. This is something that explores the psychology of a child and coming to understand the world around it. The pain of the modern child (from a single parent) could be seen and felt. The monsters were somewhat like an imagination run wild. Beautiful stuff packed with great cinematography. Love the soundtrack. This is something all kids should go watch instead of your usual kid's fix.

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