Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School's Starting (Year 3 Semester 1)

11/08/10 - Can't believe its been 7 months since he last posted about school starting. Lots of things happened along the way. Got out of Year 2 and now he is officially a Year 3 Industrial Design Student. Senior, maybe but still he has got lots to learn about the Capital D. Had an eventful break after Year 2, Hong Kong trip, internship with FARM and competitions with all the buzz and excitement. Managed to design a winning chair and appear on the newspaper. Internship was very insightful and got exposed to the local design scene, pretty and ugly, seen it all. Year 3 semester 1 is up and Industrial Design is still the main dish and it consists of modules: GEK1542, ID3122, ID3103 and SSA2218. Exciting semester with the introduction of a vertical studio system ahead with his impending trip to Milan next year. Lots of ideas in his head and lots of things he wants to fulfil before his eventual graduation and final thesis. Break or fall? Stay tuned...

(*PS: the upside down lifestyle of being nocturnal is subjective, just remember to rest more if you have the chance and eat your greens)

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