Sunday, May 25, 2008

PERSPECTIVE by Pharrell x Domeau & Pérès

PERSPECTIVE - This chair was designed by Pharrell in collaboration with Domeau & Pérès who built it. The chair will be part of a show in Paris at the Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie. The show will be from October 21st 2008 to January 10th 2009. It will be available in a few colours and only 4 of each will be sold. According to Pharrell, the chair is supposed to represent the love between a woman and man. Sure is a good representation of love but its also up to your own perspective on how you see it as a form of love or lust or crap art. What I know is that its a really interesting way to design the legs of the chair as human legs with the distinction of male and female. So what's your perspective on it?

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