Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Have You Paid Your Bill$

Bills - Was looking through my latest mobile phone bill and was really glad that the amount has never crossed more than $35 or rather it has always been around $20 plus to $35. Can't understand how do some people chalk up hundreds or thousands of dollars for their mobile phone bills. Using broadband on mobile to surf the Internet via your mobile phone? Oh please, the network is still unstable which makes the users of that service the biggest losers. Downloading wallpapers or ring tones via third parties? Do you actually need to pay for such services when you can download them from your laptop or desktop and transfer them to your mobile via bluetooth or USB under no fee at all (holla me if you need help in this area haha). Vote for your favourite singers in those dumb ass singing competition? Give me a break! Max out your free smses every month? I have like 1000 of free smses every month but the most I can hit is probably 500 so I'm seriously trying hard to use more sms (Msn messenger is a very good alternative). Max out your outgoing free minutes? Wow given how popular Skype is now, do you still call out to your friends and love ones when you can text them or email them. Besides that, talking too much on the phone is not healthy at all. Best of all, you should conduct face to face conversations (helps a lot in future interviews if you know what I mean). So the myth is still out there but I would like to know how many people around my age group are actually paying their own bills? Electrical bills (I respect you if you are paying this already) or mobile phone bills (I've been paying this since I started having a mobile), if you haven't even fork out a single cent for either bills, you probably should start earning some dough and be financially self-sufficient. A little step at a time would help in a long way. So have you paid your bill$?

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