Saturday, October 11, 2008

DOARAT Sweet Harmony Selection Tee Collection

DOARAT - Alrite I'm a sucker for gravure idols in Japan well because they are pretty good looking and what better way to admire them than to have them in photograph prints on tees. For DOARAT's 10th anniversary, they have come out with the Sweet Harmony Selection which features 5 of the best: Yoko Kumada, Hitomi Aizawa, Yuuri Morishita, Natsuko Tatsumi and Aya Kiguchi. Each tee features a photo of the models in swimsuit in front with DOARAT's insignia printed at the back. Looking good and you can see the trend of more gravure idols being featured on tees since Aki Hoshino did it with KIKS TYO. All 5 limited edition tees are available here.

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mcl-del said...

This a great way to promote tea wtf :-D