Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slice by Karim Rashid

Slice - Oh yes he's coming to Singapore and I really want to check him out. Recently he has come out with a series of kitchen cutters that is both functional and stylish. The ceramic cutting devices are sharper, harder and durable. Precision Cutter allows you to use the cutter like you are using a pen with a cap. Veggie Peeler allows you to use the peeler in either hands with no taste of metal in your food as the blade is made of ceramic. Y-peeler is a uber cool peeler which looks like a shaver. Last but not least, Grater has a long lasting non-corrosive ceramic teeth which grates the right amount of whatever you need and features a non-slip silicone base handle which is light and soft to touch. The collection is pretty impressive and affordable. Click here to get them.

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