Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires - Debut album for this English band from St Albans, Hertfordshire. Pop, disco, retro or shoegazing (a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged from the UK in the late 1980s because the musicians in these bands maintained a motionless persona during live performances; they stood on stage and stared at their effects pedals or the floor, hence, the idea that they were gazing at their shoes and the sound is typified by significant use of guitar effects, and indistinguishable vocal melodies that blended into the creative noise of the guitars), this album by Friendly Fires is definitely audio friendly and a keeper. Not something mainstream but you can expect to hear them from advertisements selling uber cool products. What an album for a debut, looking forward to more stuff from them. Click here for their MySpace corner.

01. Jump In The Pool
02. In The Hospital
03. Paris
04. White Diamonds
05. Strobe
06. On Board
07. Lovesick
08. Skeleton Boy
09. Photobooth
10. Ex Lover
11. Relationships

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